Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner tonight...
Prepped it all last night in the crockpot, put in fridge, woke up, take out of fridge, start crockpot, go to church, come home.  Dinner's ready:)

No fasting this week.  If you are Orthodox, you will understand.  If you are not Orthodox and would like to know more, leave a comment:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Four years ago..

On this day four years ago I went to the hospital because I was not feeling right.  I was 28 weeks pregnant with Petros.  Obviously, everything turned out just fine; but every year, on this day (and there are a few more key days in the next two months) I am reminded of how precious life really is and how much of a miracle my boys are in my life.  I live with lupus everyday, but Jan. 19 is a day to pause- to reflect, to pray and be thankful for life.  I think that for the rest of my life, the month's of January, February, and March will always be a reminder that experience (talk about "joyful sorrow"- out of all that mess came Petros- out of pain can come joy and beauty- a reminder of the joy that is present in our lives always if we choose to see it).  Funny that today in Bible study we were finishing up Philippians (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).  I have always took this to mean that I can endure through whatever trial because Christ will give me the strength (even when I feel that I have none). 

Normally I don't get all Biblical on the blog- mostly I post funny things the kids say or pictures or recipes.  But today is a day to reflect; to think; to remember.  And I hope that I will always remember.

To read about "what happened four years ago" go here. 

Oh, and happy birthday to my mother in law!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Java Roast...

Miss me?  I am not planning on posting recipes everyday like during the Nativity fast (that was fun- but it has been nice taking a break from blogging).  Nativity was such a whirlwind with my sister here.  It felt like the boys' break was not long enough.  I would have welcomed having them home for another week! 

I love my crock pot.  If you do not own a crock pot- go get one now.  I made this recipe from a new cookbook I purchased called "Make it Fast, Cook it Slow".  I love this cookbook.  Here is the Java Roast recipe that we had for dinner last week.  It was delicious.  Many of the recipes in the book are on line so peruse the website to find some excellent crock pot recipes!

I may continue what I started during the Nativity fast- the posting of recipes- the planning of all our meals for the entire fast period- just to continue trying new recipes.  But for now, I hope that you will enjoy the occasional post- might be food related, might not be food related:)  Have a wonderful weekend!