Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Short Time Away from The Blog...

Hello my lovely and ever-faithful blogging audience! Our modem died the other day (so Paul decided to completely tear it apart... I think he had fun:). So, we are now cancelling our overpriced high speed cable internet service and using a very, very slow dial up connection (until we move, that is....)

As soon as we move, we will know what form of DSL to order (what will be available in our area) and then this blog will be up and running (also I think I will be a bit busy until after the move). Until then, I will not be posting here (then will be after June 1). And until then, we will have celebrated Pascha, Little P's 3rd birthday, my dad's birthday, and fast approaching our five year anniversary (June 4). Have a wonderful Pascha!

Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sunday of the Holy Cross… The Midpoint of Lent and other less important things

That’s what Paul and I always say… we made it to the Sunday of the Holy Cross, we can make it to the end of Lent. That means, we will be having soy cheese pizza at some point this week (I realize that today is Tuesday after the Sunday of the Holy Cross, but I am sick with bronchitis and so haven’t felt up to posting anything on this blog and haven’t felt up to making homemade soy cheese pizza for that matter).

Since I have been sick (actually, for the last week), my mom brought over Chinese food for me last night. It tasted very delicious, but I think that’s because we have been eating a lot of beans this fasting period and just having the different flavors that come from Chinese food was a treat.

And since I have been sick, I did not actually make it to services on Sunday. That’s how yucky I feel. I would have ended up annoying everyone with my very deep cough, anyway.

We “watched” the enthronement of Metropolitan Gerasimos on Saturday (via computer). When we first turned it on we thought the quality is absolutely horrible. But then we realized that they were filming off of a screen (that was showing what was going on outside of the church). Once they entered the church, the quality was better.

That’s about it for now. My head is in a fuzz from all the coughing and the fever (do you want to know something kind of gross? Ok, I’ll tell you… I coughed so hard on Sunday that a blood vessel popped in my eye… GROSS). Don’t know when I will be back to post. God-willing, I will be feeling better in the next few days. Hope your health is not like mine!