Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Short Time Away from The Blog...

Hello my lovely and ever-faithful blogging audience! Our modem died the other day (so Paul decided to completely tear it apart... I think he had fun:). So, we are now cancelling our overpriced high speed cable internet service and using a very, very slow dial up connection (until we move, that is....)

As soon as we move, we will know what form of DSL to order (what will be available in our area) and then this blog will be up and running (also I think I will be a bit busy until after the move). Until then, I will not be posting here (then will be after June 1). And until then, we will have celebrated Pascha, Little P's 3rd birthday, my dad's birthday, and fast approaching our five year anniversary (June 4). Have a wonderful Pascha!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Mimi said...

What a beautiful find - a great Blog. I'm also in Washington, and also Orthodox.

Best wishes on your move, I'll look forward to your renewed blogging. And, happy birthday to your budding Theologian.