Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Wait is Almost Over (I know you are on the edge of your seats)

Hello faithful readers! I thought I would be back on this blog at the beginning of June, but, alas, things have not quite worked out the way WE wanted.

Here’s the update:

1. we are not yet moved into our new home. Because we are purchasing a brand, spankin’ new home, and because the weather in Portland has been a little on the wet side, our home is still not complete yet (we are waiting on the sprinkler system and the landscaping… I didn’t even know that there was going to be a sprinkler system). But, the wait has allowed us to get a new loan at a lower interest rate than when we first decided to buy this house. Needless to say, we’ve been living in our current home, surrounded by boxes. Hopefully we will be moving sometime in the next two weeks because…

2. we are leaving for Green Bay, WI to visit Paul’s family for ten days. Yep, move into a new home and quickly take off for our vacation. It will be a good trip because we will meet our niece (who was born in February) for the first time (Paul’s sisters youngest daughter… she has three now).

3. My brother’s wedding is fast approaching. It will be August 27. We are very excited for him and for his fiancĂ©e, Hannah. They are getting married at Holy Trinity, were Paul and I were married (and were my parents were married). It will be nice.

4. I cannot believe that a year ago, at this time, we were fretting over Paul not being able to find a job! At the end of July will be his one year anniversary with the company he is working for. It was a long seven month job search, but it was worth it because he loves his job.

5. Our church (St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church) is moving! We are moving to a new, temporary site. This is very exciting. We are just beginning the process of laying out the new site plans and tearing down walls that we do not need, etc. Fun Fun.
Little P had his third birthday. He is so funny.

6. Prayer request: my yiayia (grandma) in Greece is very sick. She has pancreatic cancer. The doctors there are not going to treat it. My dad is going over there on June 27 (just in time for his name day… Sts. Petros and Pavlos (also Paul’s and Pavlos’ nameday and my nephew, Pavel’s nameday, and my brother in law’s birthday…..whew). Right now, all I can say about my yiayia is that I miss her so much. I will write more about her (and her long distance influence on my life) at a later date. Please, just keep her in your prayers (her name is Katerina… my sister is named after her).

That’s all for now. I don’t know when I will be posting again… maybe before July 1, but probably not until after we return from Wisconsin.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Christina.
Good luck with the house move, and happy vacation !
I will certainly add Yiayia Katerina to my prayer list...Lord, have mercy.

David Bryan said...

Good to see you back, and prayers for yiayia.