Friday, July 13, 2007

thank you, thank you, thank you...And a tribute to the loveliness of boys:)

Thank you for all your well wishes for our anniversary and the big-name-day-of-everyone-but-me.
This post is a dedication to the loveliness of boys:) Since I have three (including DH). The pics represent my boys and what they love to do! Thanks, Monica, for asking us to honor our boys!
We had a wonderful time visiting Rob/Paul's family in Wisconsin. We had excellent weather. It was only too hot/too humid the last two day's of the trip.

My mom came up with a nickname for Petros... pigpen. Check out the pic and let me know your opinion. Everyone in Rob's family believes it to be accurate (he actually smells great, just loves to play in the dirt... and he actually never eats the dirt which is a good thing). Rob/Paul, for a while, thought that Petros looked like Pop of Snap, Crackle, and Pop fame.

Here is also a picture of Pavlos catching his first fish. The kids caught tons of fish, none were keepers, but they loved it! And the fish were so smart, I even caught one without bait on the line (and I didn't have a fishing license... I was just playing with Pavlos' fishing pole).

I will post the story behind me getting deported from China. It's an interesting/crazy story, sometimes I think it was just a dream (a bad dream) but it actually really happened:)


Mimi said...

Yeah, I can see Pigpen! And, Pop, giggle.

Great photos, it sounds like you had a good trip. Welcome home.

betty said...

Cute post! Cute photos!

Susan said...

I call him pigpen because he's happiest when he is playing in the dirt!!
Kind of reminds me another little boy I used to know named Yianni!!
(Petros' uncle, my son)plus they look like on in the same:)