Saturday, September 13, 2008

Witness to one of those great moments in life...

This past August, when we went to the Oregon Coast with my sister, her children, and my mom, Big P saw his cousins (age 8 and 6) reading. He had, prior to this, never expressed and interest in reading. Mainly, he would just say things like, "someday,when I read...".

A while back, my sister let us borrow the Bob books. These are a series of books developed by a Kindergarten teacher on how to read. After speaking with Big P's teacher (this was back in March or April), she suggested we hold off on trying to teach him to read until he showed interest. I knew it would happen, at some point. And that little trip to the coast seemed to be the little push he needed. Since that trip, he has asked for me to teach him to read. Please, teach me to read. But these past few weeks have been kind of hectic with the start of school. And so, today, we read Book 1 of Series 1 of the Bob books. He sounded out the letters by himself. Said the words. And read the very short sentences. All by himself. I was just there to remind him to go slow or to start again when the sounds were just not coming out exactly right. I was there to just sit, listen and be a witness to a new world opening up for my little boy. And the pride of accomplishment when we finished! He had to call papa at work (yes, he is at work on a Saturday afternoon:( and Yiayia and Pappous to tell them that he can now read.

We are all avid readers and I am so excited to enter into this new phase of his life!


Anonymous said...

How exciting to here Pavlos read and to be so thrilled about the outcome. I'm proud of him! Tell him Grandma gives him a big hug for reading his first book all by himself.
Your recipe for pastitsio sounds like it would taste great. You're a master chef at GF recipes. You'll be able to compile a book some day.
Happy Feastday.

Mimi said...

What an amazing gift it is to witness this, yes?

Good job, Big P! Whohoooooooo!

Susan said...

Good job Pavlos from YiaYia and Pappous!
We are sooooo proud of you:)