Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December 9- 16 Days Until Christmas...

I think I did everything that I posted about last week. Although, I forgot to bring my gift to the wedding! Isn't that slightly tacky? I have the gift (a beautiful icon of the Theotokos) I just didn't bring it with me. At least I know that I can give it to my godparents and they will give it to their daughter (my godparents live down the street from my parents... nice and convenient).

This week it seems as if there is something every night! Last night I had a youth advisor meeting at church. Tonight is our moms group Christmas gathering (first annual). I am bringing homemade bread, hummus, veggies, and Trader Joe's Candy Cane JoJo's (otherwise known as the best cookie ever). I hear they have a dark chocolate dipped candy cane jojo... I think I might need to try that:)

Wed I work which means I come home late.
Thurs. is a school meeting and Pappous is going to watch the kiddos.
Fri. we are home.
Sat. is a baptism.
Sunday is, well, Sunday and I think that is always the busiest day of the week (why they call it the day of rest I will never know). Oh, and it's my birthday that day. I think we are going to dinner?!?! I am not sure if my mom will be back down from Seattle. She is staying with my sister this week. Kat is due Dec. 26 but has fast and early deliveries. Until my brother in law returns home, my mom is with her.
At some point we need to put up our Christmas decorations. We have two new to us pieces of furniture for the living room which I am very excited about. Our living room was very bare and now we have two hutches/curio type cabinets. I can now display all those lovely items I have kept in storage. I have a place for my teapots and wineglasses. Very exciting but I have to wait to put up Christmas stuff. Growing up we always got our tree around my birthday (you would not know that now if you went to my parents home... since moving out, mom has decorated the day after Thanksgiving:)
I am done with my shopping. I have three (yes, three) orders through Amazon right now. So I am waiting for boxes to arrive and then there will be the wrapping of gifts.

Ok, I have to go, little p has finally figured out how to open the refrigerator and is re-arranging food. I'm not exactly thrilled by this new development...


katbat said...

The chocolate dipped candy cane dipped jojo is THE BEST!!!Even BETTER than the orignal.
We used to always get the tree on your birthday.
I decorate early because the kids are here and I dont want to decorate by myself. You know dad and tree decorating.
I have many gifts to wrap when I get home:)Im sitting here doing nothing. I tried to make cookies but Katherine said I "screwed" up so shes making them.
How that for the teacher being taught by the student:)

Susan said...

okay. so I microwaved the dough to melt the butter and half baked the cookies hehehe.
i guess maybe i ?#@*@# up a little!!!

Mimi said...

Yay! Good things. Happy, Happy Birthday, if I don't talk to you beforehand. Many Years. My Dh's birthday is Saturday, so just a day before yours.