Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still here...

Christos Anesti! Shannon has prompted me to post something (Shannon, are you on facebook?) I guess it HAS been a while since I last posted. Nothing new to report... just busy with life! We had a lovely Holy Week and Pascha. My parents are now in Greece; but returning on Monday (as long as the volcano does not spew out more ash). We had our spring break during bright week (did not go anywhere, but recovered from Holy Week and Pascha). We are back in school. My tulips have pretty much come and gone. Garden is started. Geraniums are on the front porch and pansies are on the back porch (I don't go in for annuals EXCEPT for these planters of geraniums and pansies- two of my favorite flowers). The geraniums must be red and the pansies must be dark purple. Don't ask me why- that's just how I like them. And here is a picture of my pansies.


Mimi said...

Oooh, I like pansies too! Beautiful!
Alithos Anesti!
Hope to see you soon, it's been too long!

Shannon said...

Hi Christina,
Christos Anesti! Yes, I'm on facebook, but I rarely check it.Shannon Pyron Nerantzis. I'm so glad all is well with you! Have a great week! Shannon

Caryn said...

Alithos Anesti Christina!

I love your pretty pansy pic. Pansies are one of my favs, so cheerful looking.