Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Number 1 Fan(atic).. and other tidbits

I did it. I bought the new U2 CD the day it came out
(How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb).
I feel like a teenager again, although, I didn’t set out to buy the CD, I just happened to be at Costco to pick up my mom’s turkey and there was the CD (not in the turkey aisle). I know that I will have to listen to it at least a few times before forming my opinion on it and on the individual songs. It took me a while to begin to appreciate their last album (All That You Can’t Leave Behind). But now I thoroughly enjoy most tracks from that album. So we shall see if this one stands the test of time (it can’t be much worse than ZooropaJ).

Here is a
fun site…
see if you can get all the states right (if I was still teaching, this would be a fun geography test at the beginning of the quarter).

Happy Thanksgiving… whether an American or not, we all have something to give thanks to God about, I’m sure. And happy name day to my sister, mother in law, sister in law, and yiayia (Greek for grandma)… they are all named for St. Katherine. I had the blessing of being assigned to make the prosphora for tomorrow’s liturgy. It’s wonderful when our earthly “schedule” falls into sync with the divine. I was able to honor the Katherine’s in my life in such a special way.


Karl Thienes said...

I can't believe I haven't bought the new U2 offering yet...I'm usually "first on the block" to have their stuff...

My co-workers have been playing it off i-tunes at work and I must say: it sounds as good as the reviews have been.

Looking forward to this one.

Christina said...

I can't believe I have it before you:)

Xenia Kathryn said...

I bet Bono specifically said, "Place our CDs next to the turkeys on Thanksgiving holiday."

What a marketing genius! ;)

Chronia Polla to all of your Katherine kin! Although my patron saint is Xenia, I gladly ask for her prayers today, being that I was given the beautiful name of Kathryn :)

papa herman said...

the geography game was fun.

papa herman said...

the geography game was fun.