Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Too Tired to Think...

The gears are grinding slowly this week. I think that Thanksgiving did me in! So, here are a few links for you to browse at your leisure. Hopefully, my brain will start working again and I can write something with more depth.

St. John the Forerunner Monastery
in Goldendale, WA is on-line! They sell wonderful soaps and wonderful Greek pastries.

Our family website!
On the first “page” it says it hasn’t been updated since May, but that’s not true (I just haven’t updated that page). Go to Christina’s page to see our pictures from Greece (and, yes, I’m still working on getting the pictures up from Paul’s visit to Mt. Athos… sorry for the delay). If you want to see the pics of Pavlos, please email me privately and I will send you the password.

Orthodox Images!
We love the painting "The Secret School" and have now found a place where we can purchase a copy. This is a link to the painting (and other Icons, paintings, etc.). This is a very famous Greek painting (it was on the 200 drachma bill) showing how the monk/priest is teaching the children how to read, write and about their faith secretly, while an armed Greek guard stands watch. Beautiful...

***NOTE*** if anyone knows where I can get books in Greek, let me know. I am trying to avoid ordering directly from Greece and am having no luck searching the net. Thanks!

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Jim N. said...

I really like that secret school painting. Almost seems prophetic!