Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Presents in the present

About a week ago, someone from Way of a Pilgrim bookstore called me to inform me that the book "The Ascetic of Love" (the life of Mother Gavrila) was no longer in print and so they were unable to order it for me. I have been looking for this book since I first laid eyes on our koumbaro's copy (he lives in San Diego so I was unable to borrow it from him). That was about five years ago. Ever since then I have been searching for this book. When we moved up to Portland, OR, I would periodically go to Way of a Pilgrim to see if they had it in, but they had always "just sold their last copy and there is more on order". Finally, about two months ago, I asked them to order it for me. I was so sad to learn it is out of print. Now my quest for this book will be a little more difficult. Fast forward to yesterday: I went to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church bookstore to look for books in Greek for my dad for a Christmas present (every year I try to buy my dad a book in Greek for Christmas... either a life of a saint or something about the Church). Needless to say they couldn't find their books that were in Greek (they are in the middle of doing an inventory on their books, icons, etc.) But, I looked up on a shelf and there it was... "The Ascetic of Love". And, in fact, there were two copies of this gem (I only bought one). A birthday present to myself was purchasing this elusive book (my birthday is December 14). I am so excited to read it! And it made the drive out to Holy Trinity extremely worthwhile! OH, and I did eventually settle on buying a book on the Greek war of independence for my dad. It's in English, but it has many beautiful pictures. I think he will like it:)

One final note, last night we went out to dinner with my family for my birthday. My brother's fiance was there, too. She is very sweet and we all like her a lot. Her gift to me was U2's new CD How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Even though I already own the new CD, Hannah (future sister-in-law) has scored major points with me. I'm starting to like her more than I like my brother (just kidding, Yianni). How could I not like someone who buys me U2?


Xenia Kathryn said...

Glad you were able to find the book you were looking for! God is good :) Also, happy late birthday! I hope you had a fun celebration with your family. Chronia Polla!!!
Oh, I wanted to tell you that last night I made your "pistou." When Steve or my roommates asked what I was making, I kept pronouncing it "pea-stew" so they thought I was making a stew of peas. How do you pronounce it? Anyways, it was wonderful! I was short a few ingredients, but it managed to turn out. Thanks so much! :)

Christina said...

I think you had the correct pronunciation:) At least as far as I know...