Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Funny Quote and WARNING: RANT AHEAD (but just a little one)

My sister shared this "Maria Moment" when they were down for Thanksgiving (I know, I am a little tardy in publishing it). Maria is my three year old niece. She and Pavlos are best buddies. They have so much fun together and they crack each other up. Anyway, when my sister was driving down, my nephew, Pavel (who is five) asked if the smokestacks were on fire (they were passing a paper mill and he saw smoke coming from the stacks). Katherine said no, that is a paper factory... where they make paper. And Maria, with a mischevious gleam in her eye stated, "Not a paper factory, mama, an UNDERWEAR factory." And she cracked herself up:)

Now for the rant... I know, in the past, others have commented on bumperstickers (I just don't remember who and even what context) but here's my problem. I was driving Pavlos to my parent's home on Tuesday (my mom watches Pavlos on Mon. and Tues. while I work). And there was this sportscar next to us with the following bumper sticker. Zero to Bitch in 3.5 Seconds. Ok. So what exactly is this woman trying to tell the world? Is she performing a public service by issuing a warning so that people can keep away from her? Is she proud? I don't get it. I know that my sister and I have had discussions about bumper stickers... especially those that have lots of swear words or are sexually explicit. How do we explain to our children when they ask us what those bumper stickers mean? I remember when I was a kid asking my mom about the "tree" and "beaver" bumper sticker (I really don't want to get into that sticker on my blog but I think that I have mostly an adult audience). Kids ask questions when they don't understand something. And you can't lie to a child... And I know that people who put such bumper stickers on their vehicles feel that it is their right (freedom of speech). But isn't there something about decency? Or shouldn't there be something about decency? We get in trouble with the law if we walk the streets naked... why can't we get into trouble if we put garbage on our cars for the whole world to view?

Ok. Enough of the rant. Go back to the top of this blog entry and read about Maria and the Underwear Factory for a good chuckle:)

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Mimi said...

Giggling at the underwear factory, cringing along with you on the bumper sticker. It gets worse when the kids can read.

I just figure they are young and will look back with shame in several years. I hope so anyway.