Monday, January 09, 2006

Prayer Request

Please pray for my mom's first cousin, Mariana. I think she is my second cousin (although I have never been good at figuring out that stuff). My mom writes about her here. Thank you!


Mimi said...

Your mom sounds so neat, and I love what she says about you and your sister. (on a side note, you and I are the same age - I turned 33 in August).

Your cousin is in my prayers, I have nothing but very good things to say about Hospice care. They are truly angels on earth.

(On another note, I can do the removed family thing - it runs by generations. You and your mom's sister's children are first cousins, because you are in the same generation. If your cousin has a child, it is your first cousin once removed (down a generation). That child and your child are second cousins (same generation two down from the original siblings).

Susan said...

Thank you Christina, she and her family need all the prayers they can get.
Thank you also Mimi. I just looked at your profile, before reading your comment to Christina. Its a small world!
Thank you also for your setting us straight on removed and all.
Love you