Thursday, July 20, 2006

Home again...

We are home from our camping trip. It was wonderful. Beautiful weather... went to the coast for a day, went to Olympia for a day (for church and to see Mimi... and, I know, I forgot to give her a jar of homemade jam from my mom:( AAAGGGHHH! We even talked about the jam!). I did about a hundred loads of laundry on Tuesday... everything smelled like campfire. And, right now, I'm suppsed to be periodically checking the Lufthansa website because my uncle is flying in from Greece this morning. Dad wants me to call him the moment the plane lands and he will go pick him up from the airport. Uncle Pete is minus his new wife as there is lots of paperwork to fill out in order to bring her here.

Pavlos loved camping. He almost caught a fish (seriously). Paul did not fish as the out of state fishing license is pretty steep. And we enjoyed celebrating my sister's birthday at our campsite on Saturday... complete with chocolate chocolate chocolate cake that mom brought. Petros didn't know what we were doing, but he took everything in stride (even the bath I gave him in the washtub).

Anyone see the movie Serenity? We got it from the library. Interesting. I guess it was first a TV series that didn't make it and somehow it was made into a movie. We have never seen the TV show... we just checked out the movie because someone recommended it to me a long time ago. Basic premise... man cannot create a utopian society without taking away a person's free will. Or am I reading too much into the movie (hee hee)?!?!? So, it was interesting.

A few weeks ago we rented (we go back and forth between renting newer movies from Blockbuster and checking out other movies from the library) The World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. It was very funny and very good. Based on a true story. Anthony Hopkins' character was the most down to earth, laid back kind of guy... nothing got him down. But he had determination to make his one dream come true. And he was so friendly... everyone liked him. The other movie we rented was Syriana... kind of opposite to The World's Fastest Indian. Syriana is a very serious movie... seemed more like a documentary the way it was filmed. It is one of those I-need-a-week-to-digest-this-movie kind of movie. Definitely not light-hearted fun.

Hopefully, I will have some pictures up of our camping trip. Now we are waiting for the Summer Heat Wave 2006 to hit Portland. Ooh, I'm excited (not really). I am not a big fan of heat. Paul wants to spend Saturday at the coast (no Vesper's Saturday evening because Fr. is coming home from the Clergy/Laity on Saturday evening). We'll see. I think everyone else in the city will be going to the coast, too. I am not a big fan of crowded beaches. But, I am also not a big fan of heat:)

OH... one of our former clients made it to the front page of the Oregonian newspaper on Monday (or was it Sunday). I will try to see if I can find a link to the article about him. I can't promise anything, though.... I'm supposed to be watching the Lufthansa website, you know:)


Mimi said...

I feel your pain, I don't like the heat and hear we are in for it this weekend!

It was SO lovely to see you! I really enjoyed our time together (and I'm giggling too, we did talk about the jam!)

Enjoy the coast.

Cedric just got given the series (Firefly, I think it's called?) I'll ask him if he's done watching them, we can loan them to you guys. I've not seen it, so I don't know anything about it.

Reel Fanatic said...

I loved Serenity also, and just to let you know, it was indeed based on a TV series by Joss Whedon that unfortunately only lasted one season .. despite the failure, it's actually a great sci-fi series, well worth checking out on DVD

Elizabeth said...

Did you make it to the coast? Because I can tell you, everyone in Portland was on highway 18 with us as we drove to Lincoln City. :-( It took us forever to get there. Once we were there, though, it was wonderful. It wasn't too cold, as I'd heard it can be. It was just right. We stayed Saturday through Monday and didn't have bad traffic coming back.