Thursday, September 21, 2006

spinah withdrawals

I have been following the Sonoma Diet sinc May (the reason I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight so quickly). On this diet (which is more of a life style than a diet), I eat lots of baby spinach. Last week I threw out my big bin of organic baby spinach from Costco because of the e.coli outbreak (didn't want to take any chances). Now my body is going through spinach withdrawals:)


Mimi said...

Congratulations on your lifestyle eating! You look great.

I know, the spinach thing is kind of scary, isn't it? We get local CSA produce, and I'm not sure if we should eat that spinach - probably it's ok, but I'll always kind of be worried now.

Xenia Kathryn said...

I miss spinach, too... :( It's sadly one of the only greens we eat around here. Lettuce just doesn't seem to have any nutrients, I dunno.

Christina said...

Mimi... I bet your spinach is fine. But, yes, it is scary! And thanks:)
Katie... I bought some very green looking romaine lettuce... but it just isn't spinach:(

Everyone else who might read this... what's up with all my spelling errors?!?!?!