Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy November 1st!

Anyone else think that time is just going by way too quickly?!?!

Last night was our annual All Saints Eve party at church. At first (two weeks ago) Pavlos didn't want to dress up at all. Then I showed him pictures of the different Saints from years past that he had dressed up as (see last years post). And he decided to go as St. Nektarios, again. That was fine with me because I didn't need to make a new costume:) Paul was unable to come to the party so it fell on me to videotape each child saying who they were dressed as and what that saint did. So while I was busy videotaping, yiayia and pappous took care of Pavlos. Needless to say, I never took a picture of Pavlos in his costume! So here is another picture from last year as St. Nektarios. Well, nevermind that, blogger is being a stinker and not letting me upload a photo.

In other news... Petros is almost crawling. AAAGGGHHH! That's all I have to say about that.

I have a ton of blogs that I read through bloglines, but then I end up not commenting on your blogs... know that I am reading, and I enjoy reading what is happening in your lives:)


Mimi said...

I'm glad Pavlos decided to dress up, and crawling - eeek!

annie said...

This year IS going by fast. I love November, though. Even just the word November itself.
I love that your church celebrates the Saints on Halloween. What a great alternative and it gives the children a chance to learn more about the Saints. Those pictures are adorable. I think Johnny is going to have go as a Saint next year. Maybe St. Herman, he seems to be his favorite. ( loves the book we have about him.)

sara said...

those pictures are really cool. the st. nektarios oneisamazing. that seems likesuch an authentic alternative because afterall, it IS the eve of All Saints! i'll have to remember this.