Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Pavlos,

Happy Birthday to you:)

May God grant you many years!!!!

(PS. He's five... FIVE... I can't believe it)

Pavlos was born on bright Saturday, five years ago. It was the day before Mother's day. He's my best and favorite mother's day gift:) We made cupcakes (or "pupcakes" as he calls them) for his class today. Now doesn't that just make me feel like a mom:)


Elizabeth said...

Chronia Polla!
Mnogaya leta !
Many years ! to dear Pavlos !

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and Many Years! That is an awesome Mother's Day gift!

And, giggling at Pupcakes. Tee hee.

Susan said...

I cant believe it either! He is so special!!!
I remember the day well, and it was the best mothers day present ever:)
I remember after dad and i took kathleen out for a drink and she got a little tipsy!!

Lauren S. said...

Hey, our boys are almost birthday twins!

BTW, I recently went to a little girl's "puppy" birthday party. The theme was puppies, and there really are a thing called pup cakes. It was so cute! They are cupcakes decorated to look like a puppy's face. It had a gum drop tongue, a candy nose, half cookie ears. Just adorable!

Oh, and I love that smile! That is the perfect 5 to 6 year old smile. Next year it will be perfected with missing teeth, huh?

Simply Victoria said...

many years!
what a sweetie pie.