Friday, April 20, 2007

Yardwork Part 2...

Yes, a third post today...

My mom's first cousin, Bridgette, left a lovely comment about this picture on my myspace blog (click on the link if you want to be my friend:)

The comment is, "Oh, I think your pictures are wonderful. You guys have done a really good job (on the yard) and that tyke you planted in that hole. He looks like he's going to grow to be sturdy. I bet he smells good too. Just water with kisses and trim with love and he'll be just fine!"
Isn't that sweet?

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Bluecanopy said...

your yard does look great :) I love all of the wood! and that picture is classic.

I have some questions for you about your's the gas mileage? do you have the ex or lx? has it been reliable...any major repairs or problems?

I've read mixed reviews but then again I'm reading mixed reviews about EVERY seems like the people who leave the reviews are the ones who have only complaints.

Just wanted to hear your thoughts :)

sara (