Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy Week and Icons

Go here to read about Pavlos and The Bridegroom Icon/Holy Week from last year. Needless to say, nothing has changed in Pavlos' love of this icon. Forty days ago (well, today it will be 41 days ago), Rob/Paul bought the icon of the Bridegroom, we had Fr. place it back in the altar so that on Palm Sunday, we could pick it up in time for Holy Week. Pavlos' new favorite icon is the Crucifixion. He gets fixated on some small detail of the icon and stares at it, talks about it, etc.
We are all well. I know that I do not post often enough and this post has to be short as I need to make prosphora to take to church tonight for service tomorrow morning. Not a big deal, it's only one loaf:)
Have a blessed Holy Week!


Susan said...

God bless Pavlos! He was chanting in Greek with Pappous yesterday during the liturgy. When it changed to English he looked up and asked "is this spanish?" Christina and I almost died laughing!!!Petros (baby) spent the whole service calling YiaYia in a shrill voice! It was fun!

Mimi said...

Giggle at Yia Yia's story!

Have a wonderful Holy Week, and enjoy those babies!