Thursday, April 12, 2007


Christos Anesti! Ok, as you can see I'm terrible about posting pictures to blogger. I think I need to start with the "after" pictures and then post the before pictures. Ok, so the top three pictures (behind the swingset) is the back of our yard. Paul put up a retaining wall and, yes, that's Pavlos in a hole:) So that is a "new" garden plot for us. We are thinking potatoes or transferring our lettuce there. Anyway, the bottom pictures are shots of the side of our house. Paul built a raised bed (the first of, hopefully, three or four... depending on how the first one does this year) and a new little garden shed. Our yard is finally coming together:) I have tons of seeds to plant (flowers and veggies). And I just planted two planter boxes of geraniums (one of my favorite flowers... geraniums, pansies, and hydrangeas are my top favorite flowers) for our front porch railing. I also bought a clematis to plant in the front, on one side of the porch. Very exciting things going on. Now, if only it weren't so cold and rainy outside I could get all this work done:)
Finished Reading:
Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert (whew, only one more left)
Currently Reading:
Genesis, Creation, and Early Man by Fr. Seraphim Rose (almost done)
Zoli by Colum McCann


Mimi said...

Indeed, He is Risen!

What wonderful photos! Although, Pavlos looks like he has no legs...

Simply Victoria said...

ooooh. lovely raised beds. lucky you.

Elizabeth said...

Nice raised beds! And I love the garden shed. Did you buy it or make it?

Christina said...

And the dirt colored pants he is wearing doesn't help:)

We bought the garden shed.

I do love my raised bed:)

Mimi said...

Ooooh, I just noticed you are reading Zoli. I read it earlier this year - when you are done, email me and we'll talk!

papa herman said...

I like that shed!!!

Last year I had grass and weeds where my garden used to be, I have since killed and roto-tilled the spot. I think my plan is mostly to grow pumpkins (Becket sells them in front of the house in October) and some sunflowers in that space this year.

Gardens are fun!

-papa herman