Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dad is flying to Greece tomorrow for 2 weeks. Please pray for safe travels. He is only going to go to Athens and Ios (and possibly Aegina to visit an old friend ;) This trip is just to spend time with my pappous! Kalo Taxidi!!!

(note: I tried uploading pictures, but blogger won't let me for some reason. I will try later!!!)
Second NOTE: blogger let me upload pics! That is my pappous with Pavlos (Pavlos was one) when we were in Greece 4 years ago. The other is a picture of the sunset on the village where my family is from:)


Mimi said...

Travel safely, C's Dad!

Susan said...

pictures of ios always bring tears to my eyes. I guess it because I never expect to see them. The photo of Pappous and Pavlos did me in too. He isnt doing so well:( But he is 92!!!