Saturday, December 01, 2007

Message from my sister....

Hasbro has pledged to donate $0.25 to Operation Smile in celebration of their 25th anniversary, for everyone who pushes the "Oxygen Pump" on their website (yes it is a plug for their new and improved game Operation) You can visit once a day, everyday, and Hasbro will donate up to $75,000 to Operation Smile. It is super fast - just one click and you are done.

Operation Smile is an organization that sends teams of doctors/nurses/specialists to developing countries to assist children born with craniofacial defects, such as clefts. (I personally prefer SmileTrain as 100% of donations go directly to the cost of surgery, and their aim is to train local doctors to repair and care for children with clefts, but hey, Operation Smile rocks too!). Here is their site -

Check it out - click the pump and send some much needed funds to developing countries to help cleft affected children. - pass it on!Thanks!

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annie said...

Good for them! And thanks for the link. My parents used to work with operation smile in the Philippines by going into the poor villages and finding children who needed their services.
I am going to go click right now.