Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring weather...

Today is so beautiful! little p and I planted some bulbs and then cleaned out our outside closet (off of our back porch- I use it as a dry goods pantry). Now it's time for some lunch!


katbat said...

It is nice here too - I actually loaded baby in the stroller, packed M's scooter and helmet (planning on continuing my walk after I picked her up)and went for a little walk around the block before going to pick her up from the bus stop - only when I got there did I realize, thanks to my friend Lisa, that M doesn't take the bus home on Thurs - I am supposed to pick her up from speech!! doh - I raced home, got car seat in the car, and off to school just in time to pick her up! :-)

Susan said...

way to go kat!!youve got a lot on your mind:)great day to work outside!!

Pres. Kathy said...

glad to hear you enjoyed the nice weather. It was freezing today in Chicago.

Mimi said...

It's very pretty here too! Enjoy~

Annie said...

This job would be GREAT for you - the time is not so dreadful out there!

He has not even asked for my teaching certificate; I expect subbing would do just fine.

The webcam teaching of children. pays $15 an hour no matter how many lessons you have. The most would be two an hour. The lessons are 20 minutes; there is a ten minute break between. There is an outline. They want lots of rote practice. The twenty minutes goes rather quickly usually. I find myself enjoying it a lot. You do the lesson; that's it. No reports to write or anything else to do.

You need a computer and webcam. Jon provided me with the webcam, and I'm pretty confident he'd do that for anyone. This is a brand new program, just starting (the Korean way seems to be to do things rather hastily and without full preparedness.) Anyway he is REALLY anxious for teachers, so call right away. He is flexible. I am sure some people would prefer the midnight shift. The times midnight to 4 a.m. are for the Eastern time zone.

Jon lives in Michigan, but I know he wants to focus on getting teachers in your area; he is Korean and was adopted by an American couple. He went back to Korea to visit and ended up marrying there; now he lives both places and has developed these language programs. He is a nice guy, and I get my checks which is the main thing!

Truth in Advertising: He offers his employees $30 for anyone they can recruit for him, so I do have ulterior motives. (However, I honestly would recommend it.)