Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Now that we are reaching the end of Lent...

I thought I would post my Vegan Brownie recipe. This is the recipe that when DH first tried them, he then banned me from ever making them during a fasting period again because they are just that good. Now that he is Gluten Free, well, he just doesn't get any:) (actually, I made these for a presanctified liturgy dinner and subbed all purpose gluten free flour whenever it calls for flour and they turned out pretty good... they sunk a bit in the middle and were extremely moist, but those aren't bad things).

Vegan Brownies
1/3 c. flour
1 c. water
½ c. margarine
2/3 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
2 c. white sugar
1 tsp vanilla

2 c. flour
2 ½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp. salt
12 oz. chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9x13 pan.

2. In a small saucepan, combine 1/3 c. flour and water. Stirring constantly, cook over medium heat until thick. Pour into mixing bowl and set aside to cool.

3. Melt margarine in saucepan. Add cocoa. Mix until smooth and set aside to cool.

4.Beat sugar and vanilla into cooled flour mixture. Stir in cocoa mixture until well blended.

5.Add remaining ingredients (chocolate chips last) and spread evenly into pan.

6.Bake 20-25 minutes.


Brownie Power said...

My sister is a Vegan. I will have to make these for her. Thanks for the brownie recipe!

Mrs. Matrimony said...
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katbat said...

Maria went on and on about how much fun she had playing with Petros today!

Michelle M. said...

I have yet to find a really good Lenten brownie recipe. I can't wait to try this one!!

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks - I will try it next week!

Mimi said...

I think I've had those, yum!
Thanks for the recipe.

Teddy said...

OK, these are really good. When I first looked at the recipe, I thought, we are making paste and adding chocolate to it, but it turned out very yummy! thanks for
(actually sandy not teddy)