Monday, January 17, 2005

Candles, ice, and football

I’m thinking about becoming a Partylite candle consultant. Yeah, never thought I would venture to sell things, but we are trying to find creative ways for us to bring in a little extra money that doesn’t involve tight, rigid schedules (trying to avoid day care for Pavlos… it just isn’t an option). So, I hosted a candle party last week and it went fine. During the party the consultant (who happens to be a local Presvytera) suggested I look into it. Now I am going to go to a meeting with her in early February and we shall see from there. My dad hates the idea of selling things (that’s funny, he owns his own business) and believes that I will only make enemies of my friends (by asking them to have candle parties for me). My mom is totally in support of it, she thinks it’s the greatest idea ever, and Paul says I can do whatever I want. So hopefully I won’t make too many enemies of my friends (because I don’t have a heck of a lot of friends anyway) if I do decide to go forth with this venture. I will keep the blog world posted:)

It was very cold here over the weekend. No snow, but some great ice. We only left our house to go to my parents home (a short two miles away). They have a wonderful woodstove and we have some horrible little heaters. We watched lots of football (dad is a Steeler’s fan and since the Packer’s are out of the running…) and let Pavlos play with his favorite people in all the world (my mom and dad). We weren’t able to make it to church on Sunday which made the whole weekend feel slightly bizarre and really, really long. Honestly, I am tired of football (can I say that? Yes, my DH never reads this blog). Paul wants me to watch with him and he usually falls asleep so I am left sitting on the couch. I told him I did not want to watch football yesterday afternoon and he was hurt. But I am ok telling him that, he refuses to watch Pride and Prejudice with me (which is one of my all time favorite movies).

That’s all for today. If you have any input on the candle selling idea, let me know (go ahead, post a comment). And be honest:)


Carrie T said...

Hi Christina,

I hear you about the football thing. Luckily we have our TV stashed in the 2nd bedroom, so there is no couch, only a twin-sized bed and an easy chair so it makes it very *uncomfortable* for me to watch FB with my DH! You are a much better wife than I! But it is a double standard when they won't watch P & P or Anne of Green Gables with us!

You know, I have been considering becoming a PL consultant as well (or some kind of home business thing). I was thinking of PL because I can honestly from the bottom of my heart RAVE about their product! I even thought of things to do at my show to demonstrate how much better they are! I wonder if 2 people could partner? That expands the "network" and allows for more flexibility (and babysitting exchanges, especially if you move to PDX!)

I would think that perhaps there could even be a market for selling votives to the local parishes because they are SO MUCH CLEANER TO BURN and you don't have to hassle with a half-burned dead candle to try to get out of the lamp. I have lots of ideas I'd be happy to share with you and I'm in support of you doing it.

Even if we didn't partner, I would buy through you because I use PL candles for my icon votives and I just can't stand using any other kind!

I was just thinking today about starting my own business...down the road, of course. I also wonder if there's any kind of need for teachers to home-bound or hospital-bound kids? I did this a few summers ago for the Lake Oswego School District and the pay was amazing and they reimbursed for mileage! That was very flexible as well.

OK I've written a book. That's my 2 dollars worth. Let me know how the meeting in February goes!

Paul said...

Christina--Go for the party sales! But may I suggest you consider more than just one company before you sign up. There are several great home party companies. Look for quality products, company integrity, high commissions, customer loyalty--and repeat sales items. I doubt if you'll make any enemies. I wish you well.

I'm a different Paul. I live in Kansas--but I used to live in Vancouver, USA.

My blog is

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hi Christina,
Hmm... making friends into enemies over partylite candles??? I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought :) I've never attended a PL shindig... But it definetely sounds like a good option for stay at home moms!

As for the football--I'm thankful that Steve doesn't care for it. Otherwise I'd probably be the one falling asleep...! hehehe.

By the way, may I ask you married bloggers what "DH" stands for? "Dear Husband" is my only guess, but then again there are many "d" adjectives out there... and husbands aren't always "dear." :D hehe.

Christina said...

Welcome to my blog, Paul!

Thanks, Katie and Carrie, for your comments (by the way, DH does stand for "Dear Husband"... and husbands are ALWAYS dears, I don't know what you are thinking, Katie ;)

Carrie, you and I are going to have to talk sometime (probably after the baby is born and then a few months after that). I am on the list in Vancouver to tutor home bound students, but I have yet to get an assignment with that (I guess I should be thankful that there aren't a lot of sick children, right?). I have wanted to start my own business but God only know what I will do:) When I was at your candle party, you were talking about a coffee shop (or Christy was talking about a coffee shop). Before Paul and I were married, we talked about opening a Greek Pastry shop/Orthodox bookstore... guess we could sell coffee too;) but that wouldn't be for at least a few years. Anyway, we can brainstorm business options at a later date

Thanks for the comments everyone!!!

juliana said...

After reading your comment on my blog-Depressed Mommy-I checked out your blog site. I sold both Discovery Toys and Story Teller felt boards. It is a very nice way to bring in extra income, the caution though is not to spend profits on the product. Easier said then done.
We are in the Southern Eastern corner of Wa. and in a fairly small town it was hard to generate much business. Though I had built a strong team throughout Washington. I did enjoy it. Now my hands are full with getting through this Post Partum thing and homeschooling the kids. (which as i mentioned on my blog today-isn't happenin' today) Good luck on the venture! Oh, our Sub Deacon is a coffee roaster and would be a great resource for your future coffee and book business. What could be better than reading Orthodox books, while sipping on a fresh roasted cup of "Orthodox" coffee:+)

Christina said...

Welcome, Juliana! Thanks for stopping by. And for your input regarding the candle selling (and the coffee company suggestion). Wonderful. You are in Walla Walla, right? I went to Whitman... my ten year reunion is this year (where has the time gone). I know walla walla well... and my best friend from high school now lives in milton-freewater (although she didn't go to whitman, she went to gonzaga). We hope to get out to your church someday (probably within the next year) what with my reunion weekend and my friend living there.