Friday, March 11, 2005

Tidbits or Bits of Tid:)

Last night I had a crazy dream. I was back in high school and Napolean Dynamite kept trying to ask me out. I never answered him. Then he tried to kiss me and I noticed that he had really chapped lips (if you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about) and I was grossed out. Then, in less than a second, I aged 15 years (to present age) and remembered that I am married and have a wonderful little boy. Napolean was heartbroken (and then my alarm clock went off).

U2 is not coming to Portland. Very disappointing. I actually received this news a while back, just now getting around to posting it. Back in my groupie days, I saw them twice in one year (once in Eugene, OR and again in Seattle, WA). They aren't going to Eugene and the Seattle show is sold out. Bummer.

This week we get to pick out the flooring, countertops, and cabinets for our new home. We are very excited. I spent all morning last Tuesday on the phone with all sorts of different people (the lender, our agent, the land trust, etc.). Buying a new home is a lot of work!

And, finally, I am going with our Myrrhbearer's group (women's group) from church to the Oregon coast for a retreat. It's just one night, but it should be a nice get-away. The theme is Loving our Families.

Oh... and here are the links to the 2 different entries of Lenten recipes (here and here) and on our church website. See you next week!

OH and most important, please forgive me if I have hurt, offended, or bored any of you with my blog (in honor of Forgiveness Sunday). God forgives!

UPDATE: I forgot to link you to the list of topics for our Basics in Orthodoxy class being offered at St. John the Baptist. This is to keep you updated on what the missions and evangelism team is currently involved in at the church (more info. on our committee go here, here, and here).

This is the blog entry with lots o' links. Fun fun fun!

UPDATE #2: Ok, it seems as if I hadn't "refreshed" the u2 concert schedule link and it was coming up with their old schedule (with no fall shows). So, I need to ask Bono for forgiveness because they are coming on Dec. 19 (which is a week after my birthday... coincidence?!?). Forgive me, Bono, I erred! And thanks to Karl who emailed me that they are coming to town (and my dh also emailed me because he received the Ticketmaster updates for shows in Portland). That about covers it... now I really need to get packing for this beach overnighter!

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