Thursday, October 13, 2005

Family made it to Greece...

My sister, Katherine, and her two children, Pavel (5) and Maria (3) made it to Greece. Kudos to Katherine for travelling 15 hours alone with Pavel and Maria. Paul and I did it with Pavlos when he was one. It's tough... being cooped up on an airplane (airplanes are only interesting for about 10 minutes), flying at odd hours of the day (night), and the time change is a killer (even for an adult, let alone children). It's a ten hour time difference between here (Portland, OR) and Athens, Greece. But, now that Katherine is IN Greece, she has mom and dad to help out with the kids. And mom and dad are the best. So the ratio of kids to adults is good... 2:3.
Now, they are on their way to Ios, the island that my dad is from (it's only a ten hour ferry trip:) Lots of travelling in the last few days for them.

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