Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just sitting at the computer...

I'm just sitting here, unable to nap today (that sometimes happens to me). Just had word from my parents that they have arrived in Athens. I'm tired and my eyes hurt and I'm hungry. I want to eat, I just don't know what I want to eat. It's a problem I have even when I am not pregnant. With Pavlos, I didn't have terrible cravings for any type of food, really. Sometimes I just wanted something sweet. With this baby, I started out craving meat (weird) but now I don't seem to have any cravings. And I have a wonderful husband who keeps telling me that he will run out and get me whatever I want to eat, but I just do not know what I want to eat.

The other day he came home late from a meeting at church and he had missed lunch so he had stopped at Taco Bell. It smelled really good. I think it smelled so good because I have been eating somewhat bland food for the last four months. It's sort of like during Lent, when you are fasting and food smells amost bowl you over (at least, they do me).

Enough food talk for now... the St. John's website will be expanded. Paul recorded our marriage retreat (from last May) and the Basics in Orthodoxy class that was offered during Lent this year. The sound files are in the process of being uploaded onto the new, expanded space on the website. So, at some point, I will put a link to that new stuff for you all.


Karl Thienes said...

"The sound files are in the process of being uploaded...."

I didn't realize they were being put on the website. Interesting.... I'm not sure I want to listen to mine. :)

Xenia Kathryn said...

Yeah, I craved a few bland foods for a short while, but mainly I've been a steady spicy eater. The first few weeks I'd spend my 20-minute lunch break walking all the way to the parking garage and driving to baja fresh for bean and cheese burritoes. One of the gals I work with (who's been pregnant before), looked me in amazement and said, "Don't you get heartburn??" I even contemplated putting garlic powder in my mac and cheese tonight.
However, it's the Asian food that gets me. I can't even WALK by Asian food restaurants (and lucky me, I work right next to TWO). Ick.
Good luck figuring out something to eat. Just make sure you eat, and don't be afraid to send Paul out to Taco Bell for you :D I was hooked on it until one night, when Steve brought some home. There was an ONION in my burrito, and I... well... couldn't keep it down. So, I won't be returning to TB for a while.

Christina said...

Those darn onions... they're tricksey. I think i'm feeling better and I'm making beef fajitas tonight (my famous recipe, well, famous only to Paul) to see if that helps the Mexican craving:)