Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another Tag...

Top 10 Greatest Influences Outside of God and my Family Members

I was tagged by Luz the Magpie so here goes (and this is really tough, when not able to include my grandma and grandpa, yiayia and pappous, mom and dad, sister, brother (yes, he has had a great influence on my life), husband, child(ren), etc…. So here goes (in no particular order)…

1. Mrs. Bowyer: my 7th grade teacher. I had transferred to a new school in 7th grade (junior high is a horrid time to change schools) and she helped me find my way through all that junior high angst.
2. Mr. Kopra: high school counselor. He was in charge of our campus ministry program (I went to a Catholic high school). Through him, I became involved in our search retreat program which literally changed my life. I realized I wasn’t the only one going through all that high school crap.
3. College profs: I’ll list a few together… Prof. Hannah (thesis advisor and amazing teacher), Prof. Brick (advisor in my major), Prof. Cornish (taught Western Civ… was tough, but I loved that class because of him), and Prof. Davis (my first advisor and taught me almost everything I know about Ancient Greece).
4. Fr. Elias: priest from when I was very young until college when he reposed (may his memory be eternal). As a child, I believed he was in direct communication with God.
5. Fr. Demitri: taught me the Jesus prayer.
6. U2: inspired by their music
7. Fr. Theodore: continues to inspire
8. Peracles: who constructed the Parthenon in Athens, Greece and is the father of the senate.
9. My patron saint is, uhm, not a saint, it’s Christ and He’s God so I guess I can’t put him down… so I guess I will put down St. Nektarios because he has been a protector of our family.
10. The high school kids I student taught years ago at an inner city high school. The ones that actually paid attention and tried to learn under adverse circumstances (horrible home life, drugs, etc.) were truly inspiring for me.

I didn't want to do books or authors because, well, then my list would have been a mile long:)
Sorry it took me a while to actually get this posted. I started a new job on Monday (well, it’s actually my old job) working for a man from our parish. Here is a link to his agency’s website. I am able to work on Mon. and Tues. while my mom watches Pavlos (thanks, mom) and then I can work from home when I am able. Norm Rocks! He will be number 11 because both Paul and I are greatly indebted to him for all of his help over the last five years. And we are thankful for this opportunity for me to work again. I will tag Katie and Herman and anyone else who hasn’t been tagged who might be reading this:) Do I dare tag Karl? Will he ever come back to his blog... hhhmmm...


Luz the Magpie said...

Thank you :-) It's been greating reading everyone's lists.

Congrats on the old/new job.

And I was about to ask you which St Christina but I won't now :-)

Mimi said...

Wonderful list! I also love U2's music.

Congratulations on the job! And, kudos to your mom!

papa herman said...

thank you for the tag... please give me a couple of days to think.