Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Yiayia when we were in Greece...

I have been meaning to do this for a while... post a picture of my yiayia. Next week will be her 40 day memorial. Tomorrow is/was her nameday (and my sisters, and my mother in law, and my sister in law and, oh wait, that's it). So, left to right are my pappous, Paul, me, Pavlos (on my lap... he was one... what were we thinking travelling to Greece with a one year old) and my yiayia. This was taken at the port of Ios while we were waiting for our ferry to come to take us back to Athens.

On a different note... Happy Thanksgiving! We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I have never cooked a turkey but I'm not worried:) I am thankful for my family (all of them), our new baby Petros who will be hear in a few months, my new job that is so very flexible, pays well, and I actually enjoy the work (and is the reason I have not been able to post much lately), our new home, our church community, and our car that is still runnning:) There is a touch of sorrow to this Thanksgiving (because of my Yiayia and Virginia (not that we ever celebrated Thanksgiving with either of them)... but just having spent the last month mourning for the loss of those close to us. I have no doubt of the faith that both women carried throughout their lives. And even though I can count on two hands the number of trips I have made to Greece, the love that my yiayia had for us and the love we have for her is infinite. And both these women LIVED their lives in faith, in love, and in stubborness (you know, it's funny how I can see similarities between the two of them... I don't think they ever even met becaue my yiayia only came to the US once and that was when I was almost two years old). I have a date with a turk (boy, my dad will cringe if he ever reads that ha ha ha), I mean turkey. Again, Happy Thanksgiving!


Susan said...

Yes Christina, YiaYia and Virginia were the same in many ways. I think they met the time she came here because we went to church every Sunday she was here, and dad had been making coffee with Virginia from the very beginning.
To say that YiaYia loved you with all her heart is and understatement. She was never able to communicate very well with us, but that didnt stop her from trying.
She didnt seem to care that we couldnt understand. She would just talk, talk, talk.
The last words spoken by her were "glyka mou" and "agape mou", spoken to Katherine, "my sweet, my love"
It was very clear what was in her heart.
God BLess her,and Virginia, two very special ladies in my life, and in the lives of my children. mom

Carrie T said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Virginia & Ekaterina, may their memories be eternal!

I am thankful to have you for a friend Christina; and so thankful for baby Petros! Glory to God.

See you soon!

Love, Carrie & "baby Kirsten of the zoo"