Monday, August 14, 2006

A topic to blog on...

Katie posted SEVEN things that she is grateful for (it's supposed to be at least FIVE) so I'm going to copy her and post what I am grateful for:
  • My health and the health of my family: things could have been a lot worse this year and while I will always have health problems, I am currently feeling really well (and I'm so thankful that Pavlos is healthy and Petros was actually born and is healthy, too).
  • Our little house with our little FENCED in back yard so Pavlos can go outside and play whenever he wants.
  • Family: immediate family, extended family, church family, and friends that are just like family.
  • A good haircut (which I don't currently have... but I love the feeling of just getting my haircut)
  • And, I have to agree with Katie on a cup of coffee. And, like her, I would probably take a really good cup of coffee over anything sweet (but I wouldn't necessarily say no to something sweet:)

AND I will add a few more...

  • A book and/or movie that makes me cry (and, in general, finding a really good movie... very difficult to do these days... everything seems to be remakes of the same ideas or old TV shows that we didn't care that much about in the first place being made into movies)
  • can you believe that I haven't written my children as something I'm thankful for?!?!? I know that I wrote about their health... but I guess I was saving the best for last (right). For Pavlos and Petros... I was once told that I would never be able to have children and the children that I do have come at a somewhat high price (I told my mom that pregnancy and I just don't get along AT ALL). So I'm thankful that I have two little boys.
  • OH... and I didn't mention anything about my husband (I'm so pathetic). Now I'm really saving the best for last (I should hurry up and put a disclaimer at the top of this that "these are in no particular order of importance" but I will keep it honest...). My husband who has had to go through so much in this last year (with me and Petros) and who's love, generosity and faith keep me centered and grounded.

So, you go out and post what you are grateful for... right now:)


Xenia Kathryn said...

ooh! wonderful! I enjoyed reading yours. A fenced in backyard would be so nice... but I'm content with our "deck" for now :)

Andrew said...

I'm just grateful whenever we husbands get mentioned :o)

Actually, plenty of my readers have great things to say about their hubbies.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Mimi said...

Wonderful things, all!

sara said...

what a beautiful list :) what blessed lives we live, eh?

papa herman said...

re: coffee

my favorite cup of coffee of the day is the first one... me-thinks that the way that i feel about that first cup of coffee of the day (especially that first sip) is how a long time smoker feels about that first cigarette of the day.