Tuesday, October 10, 2006

News Article and Fall Picture...

So far this week we have had absolutely beautiful fall weather. Yesterday I planted bulbs (my seemingly neverending project at the moment) and raked up the leaves in our back yard. Pavlos has his own kid-sized rake and he was "helping" mommy. uhm, yeah. He wanted to rake right where I was raking and then, when I finally had a really good pile going and went to get our yard debris garbage can, Pavlos proceeded to jump into the pile of leaves and spread them all over the yard, again. Here's a picture of Pavlos in the leaves. I guess my mom taught the kids about jumping in the leaf piles:) Needless to say, I didn't get as many leaves into the yard debris can as I wanted to!

And here's a link to an article I read yeaterday about making sure to give children just old fashioned play time. Like leaf-jumping:)


Xenia Kathryn said...

awesome article, Christina!

I've been feeling guilty lately because Vasilia doesn't have any stimulating toys or whatnot... and this article reminded me of WHY she doesn't have a lot. She just wants to explore, touch and of course, play with mommy and daddy :)

Thanks so much for the link :) We're gonna go find a pile of leaves now... hahah

Dawn said...

such a cutie.

I'll see you Friday! I'm coming down a long with Susan Sophia and Mimi.

Mimi said...

So absolutely adorable! I want to go jump in the leaves myself.

Christina said...

Katie... totally know what you mean. The whole world (or, rather, the western world) has this idea that we need infants involved in special activities. And then move on to all sorts of things (music lessons, sports, art, gymnastics, AND school) in order to develop our children properly. Right! Develop them into stressed out little people! And if you don't have your children involved in a million different things than you must be a bad parent. That's why I was also glad to read this article, knowing that I should not second guess myself when it comes to letting my child be a child (also, the reason that I let Pavlos jump in puddles... is that a battle I really want to fight?)

Look forward to seeing all of you this weekend:)