Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go vote!

Enough said:) on that topic.

Menu plan for this week:
Monday: Gluten Free Lasagna with salad
Tuesday: Beef stew in crock pot with Gluten Free corn bread
Wed: Vegetable soup in crock pot
Thurs: Leftovers or crock pot chicken curry (i haven't decided yet)
Fri: Homemade refried beans with tortillas and trimmings
Sat: salmon with potatoes and salad
Sun: fundraiser dinner with my mom:) because dad's in Greece.

Dad is on his way to Greece, leaving today. My brother in law, Leo, is in Moscow, Russia and will be there until mid-December when my sister is due with her baby girl. Then he will go back to Moscow and my sister and the children will move there in March. Lots of change. We will miss them so much!

We had a lovely All Saints party. I will post a picture of the boys in their costumes as soon as I upload the pictures from my camera. And we had a wonderful Saturday with my sister and her children- they came for the weekend.


Mimi said...

Prayers for those who travel and those who love them.

Did I leave a Fred Meyer bag at your place? I don't need it back, I'm just missing the one that is in my car, and I think I left it at your place.


moving to russia? i wish your sister all the best.

we always have a leftovers lunch in our house - it really lightens my kitchen workload!

Simply Victoria said...

moving to Russia? wow.
oh the churches they will know!