Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit from the tooth fairy...

Big P lost his first tooth! Finally... I can't believe it took so long for that tooth to come out. Here's a picture but it's a close up. He lost his bottom tooth (can you tell?). Very exciting. I am supposed to be making my contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner today (I work tomorrow so no cooking for me). I am making gluten free stuffing, gluten free pumpkin cheesecake, and boiled rutebaga (is that spelled right?!?!). Paul likes the rutebaga... he's the only one, I think. So I make it every year for Thanksgiving. It kind of stinks up the house when you are boiling it:)

Big P's nouna has left. We are all sad. They will probably be back in January but then they will be gone:(

Yesterday was so beautiful and I am looking out my upstairs window at the overcast sky and thinking that today is not going to be so beautiful.

New blog to check out... It's my god-daughter (some of you know her). Check it out and leave her some mom advice:)

Happy Nameday to all the Katherine's (my sister, mother in law, sister in law, yiayia) out there.
I missed a post on St. Nektarios' feast day on Nov. 9th. Sorry. My dad was not able to go to Aegina for the feast day but he did go later that week. I think he bought us an icon of St. Nektarios (I told him, though, that we have about 4 icons of St. Nektarios and he said, "but do you have one from Aegina?" He got me there:)

All right... that's all I have for now. Nothing too exciting, but nothing too boring either (I hope).

Happy Thanksgiving!


katbat said...

yeah!! I am STILL waiting for P's top tooth to come out - it has been loose for about a year!!! M keeps wiggling her bottom teeth hoping they will loosen up - I think she would pull them out herself if she could! Tell P congrats and my kiddos are VERY excited to see their cousins!!

Susan said...

tell Pavlos sometimes the tooth fairy makes a mistake and leaves money here!! We will have to take a look around and see.

Jennifer said...

Well, I am happy that a lurker has posted! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Like you, I'm preparing a gluten free thanksgiving. I would love it if you could share your recipe for stuffing. I know my husband will be thoroughly bummed out if we don't have some.

Mimi said...

Happy Feast Day to the Katherines in your life! Many Years, and Memory Eternal.

Just a thought, but at our house, the tooth fairy requests that teeth be put in an envelope with the date and name of the child on it. It helps find the tooth for her, and it helps me keep them straight :)

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

oh wow - both my kids lost as tooth each this week!

::Sylvia:: said...

Wow! How exciting! :)

BTW, yes you are being indecisive (me too, I didn't say what I was voting for either!) lol

So go post your vote for either an ornament or book swap! Hope all is well!! :)