Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just do nothing...

"Christopher Robin says that he likes that too, but his favourite thing of all is to do Nothing. Pooh ponders that for a bit, and then asks Christopher Robin how you actually do Nothing. Christopher Robin explains that Nothing is what happens when people ask you what you're going to do, and you say "Oh, nothing", and then you go and do it, and Pooh says "Oh, I see". And Christopher Robin further explains that it just means walking along and listening to things you can't hear, and not bothering."

Big P and I have been reading a bit of Pooh lately (the original books). And this about sums up today.

I could have gone to Costco to return something that broke (a Leapfrog toy).
I could have gone to Fred Meyer to buy a birthday present for the weekend.
I could have gone to Trader Joe's to re-stock our wine supply.
I could have gone to my mom's to pick up maternity clothes to give to three pregnant women in our parish (mom is at work, so I would have just picked up the bags).
I could have gone to the library to return some books; not close to being due, just return them because they are taking up space on my counter.
I could have gone to Goodwill and drop off a box of misc. items that we no longer need.
I could have done all these things or just some of these things. Instead, I did none of these things.

I did not exactly do nothing (hard to to nothing when you have an almost three year old). Instead, I played a few rounds of our new favorite card game with little p (*Hisss).
Instead, I ordered some picture to be picked up from Costco tomorrow.
Instead, I searched and found a wedding picture of ours that is in a Waterford Frame to put in my new hutch.
Instead, I watched little p build Lego skyscrapers to make his own city.
Instead, I made us lunch.
Instead, I did a little workout DVD.
Instead, I made a CD of favorite U2 songs for our koumbaro (I have been wanting to make him this CD for a year now) and packaged it up ready to mail.
Instead, I got around to re-addressing a few Christmas cards that were returned.
Instead, I did those little things around the house (the great thing is that dinner is leftover from Tuesday night so I do not even have to cook) that just do not ever get done while at the same time playing and reading and chatting with my little p.

All in all, a good day (although I have to go to a meeting tonight which isn't horrible, it would have just been nice to not have to leave the house today:)

*Hisss- the snake making game. It says on the box for 4 and over but little p can easily play this game. In fact, he plays it by himself, oh, wait, not by himself, but with doggie (his favorite stuffed animal). We all enjoy this game (unlike Candyland where I try to sneak cards in so that the game will finish sooner... shhh, don't tell anyone). Go buy it for your favorite 2 almost 3 year old!


Susan said...

you try to cheat on Candyland, Where did I go wrong on raising you!!Maybe you learned it from watching me!!(inside joke)
Sounds like you had a really productive day. All the things you did were nagging your mind, and now you can rest easy.

katbat said...

great post! i nice reminder for me (and anyone else with a million things to do) since I feel like I have so much to do, that sometimes the "doing nothing" (although you actually did a lot!) is more important.

katbat said...

I just noticed you added library thing! yeah!

Mimi said...

Very good post. LOVE Pooh.

Christina said...

When I cheat at candyland, i always make sure to let the kids win. we have another new favorite game for little p- 4 First Games by Ravensburger (did i spell that right?). It's also way better than candyland and/or chutes and ladders:)

Mimi said...

I liked Chutes and Ladders and Guess Who? was always a bit hit too.