Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sleep, glorious sleep...

is something that I lack today. I was very tired last night; even went to bed early. Could not fall asleep. Read. Could not fall asleep. Read some more. 2:30am finally able to turn off the light and fall asleep only to be awakened by Paul's alarm clock at 4:40am (why, oh why)- he doesn't wake up at 4:40- not sure why it was set to that time. Fall back to sleep around 5:30 to wake up to the real alarm clock at 6:30.
Me: Please, will you get Big P up and feed him breakfast and then wake me when you leave at 7:15am? Please let me sleep for another 45 minutes?

Of course, Paul agreed. I tried going back to sleep after Big P left for school (I am no longer doing the AM carpool so little p gets to sleep in) but I could not fall back to sleep. I am dragging today. And Fr. is coming to do our house blessing at 2pm and then at 3pm off to do the PM carpool. Thank goodness there is nothing planned for tonight!

Hope your night went a little better than mine (my only consolation is that my sister was probably awake during those hours too, but she has a new baby).


Iconography Girl said...

I feel your pain. We were up all Saturday night with DS2. Same story in the end: finally fall asleep at 4:30am only to be woken two hours later by the kids. Sleepless nights make me feel insane.

The difference between you and your sister is that funny "newborn" syndrome: with a newborn baby, if you actually sleep for more than an hour you almost feel refreshed.

Can't be good for the brain.

Godwilling, you get a good night's rest tonight!

Mimi said...

Ugh, a bad night's sleep is so hard.

May it be a wonderful houseblessing today!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

if it's any consolation, i was awake last night (with a cold)

Christy Sumerfield said...

I agree with Rachel, with a newborn, 3 hours of continual sleep are amazingly refreshing :) Funny how that is. Next time you can't sleep, think of me, too...as I am also up with baby :) You're in good company!

Christina said...

I think i would enjoy sleepless nights more if it were accompanied by a baby:)