Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elder Thaddeus, Lenten Reading, and Clean Week Menu...

As soon as we conceive a thought that is not founded on love, we have accepted the evil suggestions of the demons. By accepting a negative thought, we accept the devil himself. The demons are invisible, but we lend them our bodies so that they become visible.
~Elder Thaddeus of Serbia
(Sylvia posted this on a Facebook page called My Notebook: Orthodox Treasures - I am not certain what this link will do as it is posted to a Facebook group- so it may or may not work, FYI)

Fr. T. recommended I read "The Joy of the Holy: Saint Seraphim of Sarov and Orthodox Spiritual Life" so have begun that work while also reading "Middlemarch" with Mimi and my sister (I am sure there are others reading it, also). DH is reading "Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica" so I hope to read that soon:)
I will post new recipes for Lent.  But this week being clean week, we keep it real simple. 
Big pot of Basic Lentil Soup
Plain Brown Rice- "plain" means water and rice and salt only (no butter or olive oil)
New GF Bread Recipe (which we all like and Big P was able to take a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to school today which he hasn't done in MONTHS!!!- is it considered fasting when you are this excited about PB&J?) I also must add that this is the BEST homemade GF bread I have ever made which is super exciting.  It is an involved recipe so I can see mysel maybe making this once a week and maybe making two loaves at a time (slice one and put in freezer for toasting maybe?).  We shall see. 

I don't know if I have given you enough links in this post:)  Enjoy!!!  And I will be posting more recipes next week as our menu begins to change (and, hopefully, I will be posting new recipes next week).  May your Lenten journey be blessed!


Christina said...

Ok... so the facebook page link works (at least it works for me). I recommend becoming a member of that group...

Mimi said...

I'm off to join, thank you!
I'm usually pretty excited about PB&Js, especially this year when I made the J part!
Go Big P!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Father suggested I read the Father Thaddeus book, too! I need to finish "Wounded by Love", but that might take a while... However, could I possibly borrow it sometime in the future?

Thanks for the quotes and the links! I'd like to find a good bread recipe to cut "bread" costs ... Job eats lotsa PBJ during Lent, and we always get the (kinda spendy) Ezekial bread.

I'm glad big P could have an exciting lunch to take to school! :)

Shannon said...

Hi! Do you use egg replacer instead of the egg whites? What do you use to substitute the butter? almond butter? Thanks!! I'm glad you're posting again!

Christina said...

I should clarify- because we are gluten free we are allowed to use dairy in baking (like bread- not doughnuts or something like that:) And esp. since this was the first time that I made this particular bread recipe- i'm not ready to start playing around with it. Also, this bread is mostly for Big P because it is either the bread for PB&J or make homemade GF mac and cheese for his lunches. I figure the PB&J is more lenten than the mac and cheese!
katie... paul has to finish the book, then it's my turn and then you can borrow it if you like:)