Friday, February 19, 2010

Soaking beans for future use...

We are having some friends over on Sunday for lunch/dinner so I decided to make my vegetarian chili
So I will probably have to make a double batch. 
So why not just soak 3 lbs. of different beans all at once and then have enough beans not only for my double batch of veggie chili on Sunday but for two more single batches of chili? 
So I am now up to my elbows in soaked/cooked beans:) 
But now it is done.  And the beans for Sunday are in the refrigerator.  And the future beans are in the freezer.
(BTW- I used 1 lb. kidney beans, 1 lb. black beans, and 1 lb. pinto beans and soaked them according to Nourishing Tradtions and cooked them according to Make it Fast, Cook it Slow in my crockpot which means I soak the beans with whey or lemon juice and then drain the beans and either cook them on the stove and/or cook them in the crockpot).

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Michelle M. said...

Thanks for those links. Now that I am moving away from using canned beans, that info is really helpful.