Monday, December 07, 2009

One thing I have noticed...

is that trying out all these great, new recipes is awesome and we are finding some keepers.  Most times, in  my everyday cooking, I will double something and then freeze it so that we have lunches ready and waiting for the next few days and/or weeks.  With these new recipes, I am not doubling (because who wants double of something that you don't like... remember the spinach, potato, garbanzo fiasco a few weeks ago?!?).  So, for tonight's dinner (and I do have DH's thumbs up for this one) I am making a double pot of lentil soup.  We are completely out of soups in the freezer for lunches in the coming weeks (and almost everyday I am eating lunch at school with either Big P or little p because of the distance and that I pick up little p at 12:30pm).  I posted the lentil soup recipe a few weeks ago.  I like it.  In fact I like it so much that I used to ask for it on my birthday growing up!  Yeah, I know, I am a little strange. 

And tonight is Cub Scout night.  It's the kind of night where you need something easy to make.  Stay tuned for tomorrow night's salmon with garlic mashed potatoes!!!

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