Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Topsy Turvy Meals...UPDATED with Links!!!

Sunday night was ended up having leftover pasta and red pepper sauce (from Friday night's dinner).  Monday night we had leftover pasta with marinara sauce (I had some in the freezer).  So tonight will be the Baja Fresh night (yay) with Katie's rice.  Tomorrow we are doing falafal, juddrah, and hummus (get ready for the falafel).  And Thursday we are going to have my parents and my sister and her children over for dinner before Big P and little p's school nativity program performance.  For that crowd (of nine people) I am going to make the good old standby of Lentil Soup (and because my dad is super picky about eating cooked vegetables... he won't even eat cooked tomatoes (like diced tomatoes- he's fine with tomato sauce) or cooked onions!  So to please my dad we will have lentil soup.  And maybe some leftover falafel and hummus for those that want it!

The next 10 days of meals might be a whirlwind with my sister here from Russia (as in, we might be eating at my parents home a lot).  Hopefully I will get to try some of the recipes that I have marked for the next 10 days of the fast.  We shall see...

Thanks for reading and for following me on this journey of discovering new recipes for Gluten Free Fasting in the Orthodox Church:)

Update:  go here to enter to "The Christmas Shoes" movie giveaway!

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Pres. Kathy said...

Have fun with your sister!